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Prospective parents often ask us” Why should they choose Westridge Primary, rather than other schools in the area?”

The answer is simple!

  • Westridge Primary offers an alternative and well re-resourced learning environment in which to work and play.
  •  We offer syllabi which fosters high academic expectations and that which results in excellent overall academic performance of the Westridge pupils.
  •  Westridge offers a co-educational education to a community drawn from a wide spectrum of racial and religious backgrounds.
  •  We believe that the environment we create will improve the likelihood of our pupils growing up to be naturally tolerant and open-minded adults, who are well equipped to cope with the realities of life in Zimbabwe and elsewhere.
  •  Westridge prides itself on being regarded as a happy, disciplined school, where your child will learn in an environment that is fair, civilized, tolerant and appreciative of the gifts of others.
  •  We want our pupils to be friendly, courteous and confident, who strive to discover and develop their individual talents.

We always welcome visits from prospective parents who are considering seeking admission to Westridge for their children, and if you would like to arrange to have to look around or to discuss any particular issues with the Head teacher, please get in touch with the Head’s Secretary.