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Parental Support

We feel that the best results are achieved by children when they know that their parents and school are working together.

We strongly encourage parents to support their children and the School by attending:

(a)  Consultation Days: 

There are normally two official school Consultation between parents and teachers

to discuss the performance and progress of their child.  However, it is not difficult

for parents to discuss particular issues with teachers at other  times as well, when

the need arises

     (b)  Parents Fees Meetings : 

These are usually held at the end of each term to discuss the school budget and

setting of proposed school fees. It is highly recommended that all parents attend

these meetings so as to understand the operations and expectations of Westridge

Primary, as well as to meet the school Administration.

     (c )  Sports and Cultural Functions

These normally take the form of Inter-House Sports, Swimming Galas, Choral

and Drama evenings, and Annual Sports and Academic Awards.  These enable

parents to observe their children perform on stage or the sports field, as opposed

to the classroom.  This is also an opportunity for parents to get to know each other

and the staff in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

In order to foster greater Parental Involvement, there are two major Parental bodies whose objectives are to facilitate and promote communication between the parent body and school management, as well as assist in fund-raising and organization of major school functions.

  1. Friends of Westridge

Comprising a committee of mothers who assist the classroom teachers and Sports


Westridge Parents Sports Committee

          Who assist the school to organize and  manage the sports programme, fund raise

and source sports kit and equipment.

Parental Concerns

From time to time, parents will have queries / concerns regarding their childs schoolwork, school policies and programmes.  The school feels that it is important to encourage and implement effective communication with the parent and school community.

The best way to have your concerns addressed are:

Level 1   Speak directly to your child’s teacher – this line of communication usually

results in a quick resolution to your problem.

Level 2  Contact the relevant T.I.C. if your query has not been solved at Level 1, or is

related to school policies, which the class teacher is unable to help you with.

Level 3   Unsolved questions at the previous two levels can be addressed to the

Headmaster’s office.

Level 4  If your concern remains unsolved, the Headmaster will forward your concern to

the Board of Governors.

N.B.  It is advisable to put your questions / concerns  in Writing for ease of reference

          and documentation.