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Parental Concerns

From time to time, parents will have queries / concerns regarding their child’s schoolwork, school policies and programmes. The school feels that it is important to encourage and implement effective communication with the parent and school community.

The best way to have your concerns addressed are:

Level 1 Speak directly to your child’s teacher – this line of communication usually

results in a quick resolution to your problem.

Level 2 Contact the relevant T.I.C. if your query has not been solved at Level 1, or is

related to school policies, which the class teacher is unable to help you with.

Level 3 Unsolved questions at the previous two levels can be addressed to the

Headmaster’s office.

Level 4 If your concern remains unsolved, the Headmaster will forward your concern to

the Board of Governors.

N.B. It is advisable to put your questions / concerns in Writing for ease of reference and documentation.