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3 Chillies Cross Country 2016

The 9th annual 3 chillies cross country meet was held on the last Friday of January 2016. Participation this year Bishopslea, Convent, Mubeena Ebrahim, Twin Rivers and the host Westridge Primary School. The first events where dominated by the home team, scooping all first 5 positions through a clean sweep. The skies, however, had a mind of their own and the flood gates where open mid-way through the events and the programme was delayed. As the next event started the skies once again gave way, torrential rain poured down and the 9th annual 3 chillies cross country meet had a premature end. The competitors where however ready and eager to brave the rain but the conditions were not favourable. A very big thank you to all the parents that came to support and the participating schools that were in attendance. A big well done to all the boys and girls who braved the weather and finished running their races even as the rains poured down. We hope to see you once again for the 10th Annual 3 Chillies Cross Country Meet!