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Westridge Primary School



Our mission as Westridge Primary School is to provide excellent all round primary education to boys and girls as an integral part of the Zimbabwean educational system. The school strives to provide the child with effective functional skills in literacy and numeracy and an education which will enable the child to develop individual judgement, a sense of moral, cultural and social responsibility to become a useful member of a wider and global society.




Educational Philosopy




Westridge Primary School promises to offer education of the highest quality by being dedicated to:

  • The provision of a balanced, holistic and culturally diverse curriculum.
  •  An Academic approach which teaches our pupils to think, assimilate and apply knowledge, rather than learn by role

From the Headmaster’s Desk

I am delighted by your interest in our school and hope this website provides helpful information about Westridge Primary School.As the Headmaster, I feel very privileged to lead a school with such a rich past and exciting future. We pride ourselves on our commitment to the individual. Every pupil is valued and encouraged to develop their talents to the full.


Prospective Parents


Prospective parents often ask us” Why should they choose Westridge Primary, rather than other schools in the area?”

The answer is simple! 

  • Westridge Primary offers an alternative and well re-resourced learning environment in which to work and play.
  •  We offer syllabi which fosters high academic expectations and that which results in excellent overall academic performance of the Westridge pupils



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